• Nitrogen Programming Language

    The past two days I thought I’d take a break from my normal projects (especially with school just about over) and attempt to learn how exactly a programming language works in the first place. I’ve always wondered this and even pondered creating one myself. Well now I have. It’s not perfect, it’s not even finished yet, but it’s mine. And I’m so happy with it. I’ve named the language Nitrogen. Why you ask? Because my projects have typically taken a garden/plant theme when it comes to names. My primary project is named Dandelion, two other projects (that never really made it off the ground at all) were named Rose Petal and Garden. So I thought since Nitrogen is a vital element to healthy plant production, what better name to give that which gives a coding project life, that being the language it’s written in. Hence the Nitrogen programming language.


  • Welcome to Github Pages!

    Over the coming days (or weeks), I’ll be building the Onesimus Systems website from Github Pages. Hosting was getting a tad expensive (at least for this small site) and running a droplet seems like a waste. Github Pages should serve as a nice platform for building. It’ll probably take some time to get used to Jekyll and Front Matter, but I’m sure I can handle it.